Competitions 2015

The Miami Fashion Week 2015 competitions will open soon. Please check back for further details.

In 2008 the Council of International Fashion Designers, Inc. created the annual student and emerging designer competitions to provide support in continuing education and a platform for the world’s young and talented creative artists. The competitions are supported by the Miami Fashion Week Foundation, Inc., a § 501(c)(3) independent, not-for-profit organization formed as the entity to generate funds and accept corporate and private contributions for charitable and philanthropic initiatives. Click here to read more. Operating year-round, the foundation hosts a variety of fundraising events to raise scholarship funds that will benefit the emerging designers and students studying fashion design, fashion photography, jewelry making, handbag design and graphic arts who are the winners of the Miami Fashion Week® competitions. The competition finalists are presented in an installation at Miami Fashion Week and the winners are announced on-stage at the event. Among other exciting prizes including an engraved Tiffany & Co. award, photographs and interviews with the international press, names and photos on the “Winners Circle” page of the MIAFW web site, mentoring and internships with industry professionals, they also receive a cash prize from the Miami Fashion Week Foundation Scholarship Fund as part of their award.

Creative Artist

Emerging Men’s Wear Designer Competition


Emerging Women’s Wear Designer Competition


Handbag Designer Competition


Jewelry Designer Competition



Student Graphic Arts Competition


Student Fashion Photography Competition


Student Fashion Designer Competition